Why we should all be double cleansing

Oil? Really? Who wants to put more oil on oily skin? Me, Shanice… that’s who!

I’ve literally got the most oily, congested skin and have done for as long as I can remember, it’s so annoying and all you oily skins out there, can you feel me?!

I honestly wouldn’t have dreamt of putting oil on my oily skin until I expanded my skincare knowledge and added in the Environ Pre Cleanse oil into my skincare routine, and man, I love it!

SO can you over cleanse?

Yes, yes you can, but using an oil is a win win, you can never over wash your skin with an oil because you aren’t changing the pH level so that means no stripping your natural oil = less breakouts and healthier skin! Yes, you heard it! Oil is the way forward to give you squeaky clean skin and I love the Pre cleanser as its honestly good for all skin types as its so rebalancing!

It’s all about that double cleanse…

Since becoming a RO therapist I now realise how important it is to always cleanse your skin twice at the end of the day. Twice?! Who has time for that? Trust me on this one, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards!

The key to cleansing is to firstly perform a quick cleanse to remove any makeup, dirt and grime from daily living. Once all the surface dirt has gone its time for the real cleanse! This is to get all the rubbish out of our pores, those nasty impurities which become imbedded overtime and cause blackheads and congestion. When you’re onto your second cleanse, give your skin a good facial workout by lifting and massaging upwards with your hands – get the blood flowing to the surface (I need you nice and red like you’ve just done a crazy workout at the gym!) your face should feel warm and achey, as well as your hands and arms BUT it’s so worth it, I promise! This is going to bring fresh oxygen to the skin which will help regulate your natural oil as well as giving you a healthy glow! It’s all about the oil and the workout! (You can thank me later ?)

Feel free to ask for a quick demo on the lifting movements next time you’re visiting us RO girls!

Love Shanice X

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