Why Supplementation is Key to any great skin routine

When it comes to skincare most of us have a topical routine that we apply morning and evening to achieve our skin goals – and when we get a particular skin concern most of us will turn to an extra serum or mask to add in, But how many of us consider supplementation as skincare ?

At RÖ SKIN we really believe in feeding the skin from within as well as applying your topical products- this inside out approach is the best way to treat your skin concerns and leads to radiant, youthful skin!

Just like topical skincare it can be a bit of a minefield out there with many health stores offering pots of capsules to treat a wide range of skin and body concerns in a wide range of prices.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme is a premium range of skin supplements that support healthy skin and can help to enhance your overall wellbeing! These specially formulated vitamin supplements feed even the deeper layers of the skin and alongside your prescribed topical products will give you the best possible results- They use only premium ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and tested, are encased in quality capsules and each batch is carefully monitored for purity !

But I eat super healthy I hear you cry!?

Even those with the healthiest of diets will never be getting sufficient levels of vitamins to support optimum skin health ! Before reaching our shelves fruits and vegetables have travelled thousands of miles and have lost a lot of their vital nutrients, and that’s even before we talk about cooking- vegetables can lose upto 50% of their vitamin C content by the cooking process !

But where do I start you might be thinking ?

Just like with your topical routine it is always advisable to speak to your skin therapist who can recommend based on your concerns- but the general principle is very similar – your multivitamin is like your daily moisturiser, and anything added to that will be like adding in a serum- but from within !

We all know that when we eat well, drink plenty of water and cut down on caffeine and alcohol it shows in our skin, so why wouldn’t you want to supercharge those results with something so simple that can be added in alongside your breakfast ?

I must admit I do love a supplement and my collection has grown considerably – I see such great results I just love them all ! If I had to choose a couple of my staple favourites that I use personally and couldn’t go without it would have to be :

Skin Vitality

The modern multivitamin! A great broad-spectrum multivitamin containing over 28 essential vitamins and minerals to support optimum skin health but also 13 ingredients for energy, 11 ingredients for cognitive performance, 8 ingredients for bones and muscles, 8 ingredients for immunity plus a plant powered skin smoothie blend !

Skin Omegas

Essential fatty acids are exactly that- essential ! This are amazing for dry/dehydrated skin as they enhance the protective oil around the cell therefore increasing the skins protection barrier, they will increase hydration and smoothness and have a plumping effect. They are also very anti-inflammatory, and help to regulate our oils in the skin! We all need healthy sebum production for healthy skin!

Skin Youth Biome

The worlds first skin probiotic, Why we need to take probiotics? When we have an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria in the gut – we have digestive symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, poor skin quality, lethagy, poor concentration, depression or feeling down these are all a sign or symptom of bacteria that’s out of balance, the technical term is called Dysbiosis.

Why do people have dysbiosis?

  • Antibiotic use as a child
  • Antibiotics are taken over weeks or months for problem skins.
  • A variety of medications
  • Stress anxiety
  • High sugar diet may impact bacteria to be more pro-inflammatory.

We know know its so important to look after our gut to have the healthiest skin, body and mind…A healthy Gut = A healthy skin

These 3 in particular are beneficial for all skin types and concerns and would be a great place to start if looking to incorporate into your daily routine.

What we eat today we wear tomorrow – so let’s give our body the building blocks it needs internally to give us our healthiest skin possible !


Emma – Head Dermal Facialist @RÖSKIN X

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