Why Are Massages So Important?

Why does the weekend go too quickly, so many plans to relax, see friends, family do your food shop then before you know it.. Sunday night is here and your mind is back on work again. I know we all have busy schedules but at If you’ve got some spare time this week, I’ve got a something in mind that can help you disconnect from the outside world and connect within, to nourish your body, mind & soul. I know, because it’s my fave thing to do, especially this time of year!


I know here at RÖ we go on and on about our skin, but mind-body maintenance is as crucial to the beauty game as facials.  So I’m about to let you in as to why it’s so important to de-stress and detoxify our bodies.


We all know that we need some down time to unwind and regenerate ourselves, but forever making up excuses. I’m definitely guilty! Aren’t you? But we all need to remember – after all, stress does show on our skin and takes its toll on our bodies.


Think about when you feel in a stressful situation, your brain decides to send out an order of stress hormones. These stress hormones trigger your bodies “fight or flight” response, your heart races, your breath

quickens, and your muscles are ready for action. This response was designed to protect your body in an emergency by preparing you to act quickly. But when you keep getting stressed it can put your health and whole body at serious risk!  So… what I’m trying to say is let’s make more time for our bodies to help it release all that built up stress and letting ourselves zone out into another world, to take all that tension and drain it away. You’ll be looking healthier and more revitalised by the end. I promise I’ve got you!

Here at RO we have designed our massage menus specifically for you..  using certain oils and techniques to help cater for how you are feeling. Book online today!


Here are some of the reasons as to why it’s so important:

– Encourages cell turnover

– helps digestive system

– helps reproductive system

– helps immune system

– helps central nervous system & endocrine systems

– Improves circulation (gives you that healthy smooth skin tone)

– Relaxes our muscles (reducing anxiety and fatigue)

– Helps to heal stretched skin by promoting skin regeneration

– Gives you a healthy glossy glow – we all need!


No time to come in and have a massage? no problem! Try alternatives at home – taking care of your body should be at the top of your priorities.

– breathe deeply

– Meditation (lights low and adding lots of candles)

– Yoga

– Stretching

– Facial massage (pressure points or using our Jade stone)

– be present and slow down and focus on your senses

Seriously though – try and save yourself some spare time, whether you’re doing the de-stressing or you’re laying in a cosy treatment couch, wrapped up with the sound of soft waves and the smell of lavender flowing in the air. You got this!

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