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A professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when you’re considering starting treatments or skincare. The process allows you to gain advice on what is best for your individual needs and concerns. We often have new clients visit who have previously had treatments or bought skincare without really knowing why. Every skin is different, so routines can differ.

A skin consultation to every new client that visits or enquires is needed. It’s the only way we can provide you with our expert advice and help you achieve your desired results. It’s also a great feeling hearing advice from a skin expert who is keen to help you and have a passion for results. We follow a skin consultation process before any treatments are conducted. A comprehensive skin consultation will enable your practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of your skin. In turn, they'll be able to recommend skincare that is both safe and effective. By skipping this vital step, your skin may enjoy pampering, but it can be difficult to see real results.

Your first steps to a healthier skin start at your consultation, which includes an 45 min in depth consultation + LED where we do a thorough assessment of your skin. £50 (£25 redeemable against your next treatment)

Your first skin consultation is all about getting to know your skin and your goals! During the process we will conduct an assessment of your skin and based on this evaluation, we will create a personalised program specifically tailored to address your needs. As part of our consultation process we perform a mini treatment session as well. This includes a gentle cleansing of the skin followed by LED therapy, Whilst you’re relaxing under the Omnilux LED, which is where your cells health will be kick started and primed for the next steps, your clinician will write up your full home care prescription and treatment recommendation.

You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations, but be mindful that results do come with a commitment and the speed of your results are linked to your commitment.

Consultation fees are 50% redeemable towards your next treatment, you will receive a recommended product list, a detailed treatment plan – Because everyone deserves healthy skin.

Can’t get into the clinic? but still want that personalised and professional experience with one of our aesthetic practitioners? Why not book on for a 1:1 virtual consultation, we have clients all around the world that want to receive the best advice with their skin. So whether you live a fast paced life, prefer to be in the comfort of your own home or simply too far to travel, we’re just a click away!

What to expect?

Firstly, we will send you a consultation form, this is to identify external and internal factors that may be affecting your skin. This is so we get an insight to your goals and expectations and guide you through your optimal skin health journey, which will be tailored specifically to your skin concerns as complete customisation is what sets RÖ SKIN apart!

  • We will match you with one of our highly qualified aesthetic practitioners who will send you a zoom link. We also request photos of your skin prior to the call. TOP TIP: Please send your photos in a clear and light environment, whether this is in your bathroom or outside. These need to be unfiltered and clear.
  • We recommend taking the call in a quiet space with headphones so there’s no technical issues! It’s also worth checking your internet connection beforehand.
  • After the call we will send you over a full skincare plan completely tailored to your skin’s wants and needs, this will include a routine recommendation and future treatment plans if required. You can then simply email us with anything you would like to purchase or you can order by calling the clinic. You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations, but be mindful that results do come with a commitment and the speed of your results are linked to your commitment.

Whether you’ve been a client of ours for weeks, months or even years, your skin changes. Whether it’s a change in season, medication or stress levels, it’s good to check in to establish you’re on the right track to optimum skin health. Are you happy with the treatments and your results so far? What is or isn’t working for you? If you’re on a journey with your skin, education is key! Of course you can refresh at any time but we recommend a refresh every 6 months, especially if you’ve not been to a clinic for a treatment.

Top 3 tips on getting the most out of your consultations:

  • If you’re doing a virtual consultation, your photos need to be clear and in a light environment, whether this is in your bathroom or outside. These need to be unfiltered and clear.
  • Ask all the questions you have, no questions are silly!
  • Keep in contact with your aesthetic practitioner, to achieve the best results/skincare goals this is essential.