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LaseMD in Stamford & Peterborough

LaseMD is the laser you need that can improve wrinkles, skin sagging, loss of volume, scarring, acne, large pores, texture, melasma and pigmentation. Results are incredible!


LaseMD is a revolutionary laser with no downtime, that can improve wrinkles, skin sagging, loss of volume, scarring, acne, large pores, texture, melasma and pigmentation.
It works using a thulium laser to burn micro channels in the skin to remove damaged skin and allows ‘drug delivery’ into the skin for incredible skin results!

The treatment combines non ablative fractional thulium laser, to burn safe microchannels which removes damaged tissues alongside stimulating skin repair, rejuvenation, and allowing the delivery of high grade, scientifically proven ingredients deep into the skin.

We may anaesthetise your skin if we choose to perform a more intense treatment, this is depending on your skin concerns and goals!

We then laser the skin which takes approximately 15-30 mins, followed by an active ingredient which is applied directly after the laser for maximum penetration, followed by a hyaluronic, deeply moisturising mask to soothe and hydrate the skin.

This treatment is specifically designed to resurface lines, wrinkles and lax skin, scarring, uneven skin texture and tone, we can safely treat pigmentations and melasma and acne.

Is there any down time?

Depending on how deep your treatment is depends on your skin concerns and the outcome with determine your down time. For the first few hours of your treatment, you will feel a slight sting, some heat and some redness. Within 24hrs this does calm down and turns more into a rough texture. This can last from 3-10 days depending on severity of treatment You can return to wearing makeup after 48rs but skin will still feel dry. Hydration is key with this treatment.

What should I do prior to my treatment?

No acids or peels within 2 weeks of your treatment.
No saunas /steam rooms/ excessive heat or exercise for 72hrs
Fillers/botox needs to be 2 weeks prior or after your treatment.
No tanning lotions or sunbeds 2 weeks prior.
No application of essential oils 15 days prior.
What are the post treatment guidelines?
Do not apply anything on to the skin for 2 to 3 hours.
Apply your serum given to you at the end of the treatment as many times as you can the following day. For the first 48rs this should be applied every 2hrs. Cleanse, serum, spf is the only routine you should be following for minimum 7 days.
No acids or exfoliants for 2 weeks
No saunas /steam rooms/ excessive heat or exercise for 72hrs
No makeup for atleast 24rs
Your ampoule given must be kept in the fridge, this can be used all the way up to the 15 day mark.
Using a physical sunscreen such as environs RAD is essential everyday but particularly when having LASEMD.

In a nutshell, keep everything very basic prior and after your treatment for the best results.

How many treatments do I need?

Depending on your skin concern, depends on the settings. You can see results as little as one session but for concerns such as melasma or ageing you could need up to five.

Why choose LaseMD?

LaseMD is FDA-cleared for a wide variety of skin concerns.

Because it leaves the surface layer of skin intact, downtime is minimal, and the risk of side effects (beyond a few days of redness and dry skin) is low. This makes it an especially good option for younger patients who aren’t ready for a more intense laser treatment

Your practitioner can customize the intensity of the treatment to your skin type, tone, and concerns.

You may experience tingling during the treatment, but your provider will first apply a numbing cream to minimize discomfort.

It can be used anywhere on the body that has sun damage or signs of ageing.