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DMK Enzyme Treatments

Enzyme Therapy is all about rebuilding the skin and getting to the core of your skin concerns - the treament isn’t especially relaxing, but it's incredible for your skins health.

This cult Enzyme Mask Treatments is the world's only true oxygen facial therapy, where oxygen is delivered internally to your cells for long term improvement of your skin. DMK facials have a famous 'Plasmatic Effect' that works by flushing out clogged capillaries.

The treatment is two parts: We treat the surface of the skin with a custom exfoliation and then work internally on the skin cells with an enzyme mask, while your mask is on you recieve a hand, arm and head massage (so you feel nice and zen) and follow with skin nutrition to finish, This treatment is ideal for all skins.


This treatment creates an internal cellular support system for healing and ongoing regeneration. Tightening, firming, lifting, detoxifying and strengthening for the skin. This treatment is incredible for your lymphatic system!

Your first session will kick start the rebuilding of your skin from the inside out, we always advice session number 2 no more than 2 weeks after to fully activate and reveal a gorgeous glowing skin…

If you can’t have session number 2, our advice is to pick something else….

Enzyme therapy is a mask that is applied to the skin which is truly amazing for flushing out toxins and strengthening the skin. You can actually see the capillaries opening up, pumping more blood, oxygen & nutrients into the skin, as well as carrying away impurities.

Skin tightening, toning, skin clearing and detoxifying is noticeable after the very first treatment.

The treatment is two parts: a custom exfoliation and then the world famous Enzyme Mask which feels tights after being left on for 45 minutes, which activates your lymphatic system.

DMK enzyme therapy creates a “reverse osmosis” action. It is a back flushing action which forces fluid through the membranes around the cells flushing out impurities. It does this by utilising transfer messenger enzymes. These are cells that communicate with each other, increasing circulation and delivery fresh, oxygenated blood to the skin. You’re left with a clean, clear, healthy environment for cells to thrive and function at an optimal level.

Anyone who wants healthy, well functioning skin! This incredible treatment is suitable for the most sensitive skin even eczema and psoriasis prone skin.

Is there any downtime?
The skin can have some red marks for around 1-2 hours after the treatment. This is the plasmatic effect and is a great result. The skin can sometimes be a little dry for a few days after the treatment.

Will I need a course of treatments?
Yes, we always recommend a course for best results. Treatments should be spaced around 2-3 weeks apart for best results.