The Beautiful You

To all the readers – my name is Michaela and I am soulfully passionate about enhancing a woman’s confidence through the powerful touches and textures of makeup. Forget trends – be the beautiful you.

Having worked in and around the skincare and makeup industry all of my working career, I have come across so many makeup trends that have changed both the runway and the high street style. Remember the days of the overdrawn lips with the frosted lipstick? And the ultra-skinny brow with frosty lilac /white eyeshadow? (Yeah – vision J.Lo + Christina Aguilera!) These trends are what at the time gives a woman her confidence; the bounce in her step.  Even dating back to the most iconic of trends when Gabrielle Chanel created the first red lipstick back in 1924, empowering women to be confident with makeup all those decades ago, she said “if you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Deemed as provocative way back then, the red lip now symbolises power, beauty and confidence. And this I love. 

So, in my blog I’m talking about how magical makeup is and how it enhances our confidence and aura; I’ll also be giving my best trade techniques on how to achieve the beautiful you and not get so stuck on trends. Nowadays, all we hear about is experimenting with ‘cut crease’ looks, everybody wanting the Kim K chisel with contouring and the fuller the lip the better using ‘ombre lip’ techniques. Even as a makeup artist, I admit it’s definitely hard to keep up! With makeup always evolving there are always new and creative ways to enhance your complexion, eye colour and lip shape. Now, as amazing as makeup artistry is, my personal style with clients is about enhancing you. Focusing on your natural colouring, what makes your eye colour stand out, using colour theory to correct the flush of emotion in your cheeks and add pinches of colour on the lips to harmonise with your complexion. This to me is the beautiful you. When I see a ladies beauty through a veil of makeup, she shines and smiles, her freckles emerging, her brow softened, complimenting colours warm her luminous skin. 

I wondered how long it would take me to say that word – LUMINOUS. What I believe every skin should look like, my favourite way to tackle complexion. Creating glowy, dewy, healthy looking, radiant, almost balmy – skin. This I believe is not a trend, but about creating the perfect base for YOUR SKIN TYPE and assessing and perfecting your skincare routine, boosting healthy skin cells from the dermal layer with skincare 
supplements to feed the skin from within, and then finding the best texture of base for your skin type.

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