For years I’ve been buying every product I could find, probably using way too many products and I’ve always had dehydrated skin and ended up with hormonal spots around my chin. Even expensive products made it worse so I had given up and wasted so much money in the process. (I’m now 32 and my skin is getting worse). One of my friends recommended speaking with Claire at RÖ, I live in Leeds and thought there is no way someone’s going to be able to help me over a FaceTime call after years of seeing every skin ‘expert’ possible… how wrong I was! I was a bit nervous at first and embarrassed of my skin, Claire came on with her beautiful glowing skin and massive smile and straight away I was fine. I’ve been speaking with Claire over FaceTime for the last 6 months and now have a perfect mix of environ products that have left me with youthful, glowing skin which has massively improved my confidence! Never ever have I been one of those girls with glowing, clean skin, I work long hours so the bags under my eyes were horrendous but thanks to Claire people comment on my skin constantly and make up’s pretty much gone out of the window as my natural skin is nicer than my made up skin! (Which has also saved me a fortune). I’m now calling Claire asking what products I can add (she’s that great she told me yesterday I have enough and shouldn’t add more) eve tho she could have squeezed a lot more money out of me! Claire is so knowledgeable on every product and a really caring, honest person. I will stick with environ for life now! Trying to get down for a facial with Claire ASAP (happy to drive from Leeds to Lincs as it’s worth it – I think that proves me love for Claire and environ)!!

Your Basket