Summer Skin Optimisation

When it comes to your skin, it’s tempting to believe that the sun will only affect you later in life – that sun damage is a problem for “future you” to deal with. You may even think that a little sun gives you a “healthy” glow, which is why many of us happily skip an SPF application here and there.

We get it — prevention just isn’t sexy enough to motivate us to stay consistent with our SPF. 

But the truth is, the sun has a real-time effect on how your skin looks and behaves today. That’s why, when it comes to UV protection, it’s time to switch your focus from prevention to optimisation. In other words: achieving real results and that smooth, plump, dewy complexion you want this summer.

So the question is, how can you optimise your skin during the summer months without causing increased sun-sensitivity? 

Not to worry, we’re sharing our ultimate summer skin gameplan below. But first, we need to change the way we think about the sun altogether…  


The Facts

It’s hard to accept that nature and those beautiful summer rays aren’t always your friend — but the fact is, they’re not really rays at all. They’re more like particles. 

These floating particles (called photons) surround us at all times in daylight and can even reach us inside through a window. There are two kinds of photons we are most concerned with when it comes to the sun: 

  • UVB: causes burns, tans, hyperpigmentation, and most skin cancers 
  • UVA: activates free radicals that damage our skin cells’ DNA and breakdown our precious collagen and elastin fibres (what keeps our skin looking plump, smooth and firm)
sun picture 2

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are missing an electron. In their search for a replacement electron, they destabilize and destroy surrounding molecules, damaging the DNA of our skin cells and causing premature ageing. This can lead to some surprising skin conditions quickly — like enlarged pores, rough texture, redness, sensitivity, dullness, and dehydration. Not our ideal summer skin. Thankfully, has you covered… 


The Game Plan

Step 1: Protect Your Skin (and everything you’ve invested in it)

We know you’re tired of hearing it, but it really can’t be said enough: you need to wear SPF. But not just any SPF. 

We like a combination of sun filters and sun reflectors to provide broad-spectrum protection against both UVB “burning” rays and UVA “ageing” rays — and we don’t stop there. Make sure your sun protection is doing double duty by choosing an antioxidant-enriched formula. 


When used topically in skincare, antioxidants (like vitamins A, C + E) help boost UVA protection. Remember the DNA-damaging free radicals we talked about earlier? Antioxidants are able to donate an electron to these unstable molecules — stopping the chain reaction of damage in its tracks. 

Plus, when your skin is left unprotected from free radicals, your skincare products can’t perform optimally. What a waste! 


To protect the investment you make in your skin and amplify your results, we recommend ENVIRON’s RAD Sun Protection SPF 15. This formula is perfect for most skin types, featuring broad-spectrum protection and antioxidant-rich vitamins C, E and beta carotene — a vitamin A “power booster.”

antiaging veil

If your skin is more sensitive or oily with signs of ageing (a frustrating combination, we know), Mesoestetic’s Mesoprotech® Mineral Matt Antiageing Fluid treats and protects the skin all at once. Its pro-collagen formula supports your natural collagen networks to plump skin while boosting antioxidant levels. Simultaneously, Azeloglycine (derived from grains) blocks uneven pigmentation from forming, brightens the skin, and calms redness. 

Bonus: the Mesoprotech® formula also blocks HEV or “blue light” — the free-radical-emitting light that comes from devices like your phone or computer (and is potentially responsible for up to 10% of skin ageing according to this 2014 study)!

“The bottom line is, protecting your skin this summer means using both SPF and antioxidants.”

The bottom line is, protecting your skin this summer means using both SPF and antioxidants. A formula that has both means your skin isn’t struggling to fight off UV rays while trying to absorb corrective ingredients all at once — leading to stress and irritation. Instead, the high-performance options above support healthy skin function, making them great post-treatment options as well.


Step 2: Correct Past Damage (and build resiliency against future exposure)

No matter how vigilant we are about sun protection, we can’t avoid exposure to UV rays completely — and who would want to? 

That’s why correcting damage that’s already happened (thanks, parents!) and building stronger, more resilient skin is essential. 

As mentioned, UVA breaks down our collagen and elastin fibres. The result is premature skin sagging starting around the jowls, neck, and cheeks. Proper skincare and treatments become less efficient, and conditions like enlarged pores, rough texture, scarring, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles become more and more stubborn. 

The fix? Custom RÖ Meso-Micro Needling.

Needling Treatments

Meso-Micro Needling is one of the only technologies that can be used to remodel skin’s elastin — and it happens to be one of few advanced treatments that pose no greater risk of sun sensitivity during the summer months! 

Without affecting the skin’s barrier and leaving us more vulnerable to the sun, Meso-Micro Needling (aka Collagen Induction Therapy) stimulates healthy new collagen and elastin production and epidermal growth factors to restore and rejuvenate skin. This creates the optimal environment to reboot the dermal cells responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in our skin. 

Your RÖ expert can treat multiple skin conditions at the same time — like enlarged pores, scarring, uneven texture and tone — by custom-combining your treatment using NCFT growth factors to actively repair cell damage or intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid containing 24 amino acids, 12 essential vitamins, 6 minerals and 6 co-enzymes.


Image above is before and after x3 Meso Micro-needling treatments.


Clinical studies show micro-needling boosts collagen production by up to 400% over a course of 3-6 treatments, but most RÖ clients begin to see some benefits after the first treatment. Even better, when combined with effective topical skincare (recommended by your RÖ skin therapist) a 700% improvement in skin density can be achieved! Skin density = the smooth, firm, hydrated skin you’re looking for. 

For slightly more advanced skin concerns, especially skin sagging, lines and wrinkles, Secret RF Meso-Micro Needling is our ultimate anti-ageing treatment — that also happens to be safe for summer. This fast-acting, fractional radiofrequency (RF) Micro-Needling device delivers targeted energy to revitalize, rebuild, and effectively remodel collagen and elastin to improve the things we all want to improve after only 1-3 treatments: like lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarged pores, uneven texture, sagging and scarring. 

It’s even known to address that other stubborn summer concern: stretch marks! 

So long as you’re using sun protection after your treatment (see Step 1), these advanced treatment options are safe and effective for achieving serious results all summer long. 

Overwhelmed? We get it. Before any service at RÖ, we provide an in-depth consultation to provide you with a clinical skincare treatment plan tailored to you and your desired result. Book a consultation with a RÖ skin expert and we’ll have you on your way to your best summer skin ever.

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