RO offers a space to escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your batteries through the healing benefits of massage therapy.

Whether you opt for a 25-minute foot massage after a long day on your feet or book an 85-minute all over deep- tissue massage all guests leave feeling rested and recharged. We encourage you to pick your time, and areas of your choice.

The Hibernation


Perfect for those who are sleep deprived, suffer with anxiety or simply just want utter relaxation. Our flowing movements with our specialised hand-picked oils helps assist the body in healing, switches off the body clock and ensures swift sleep.

The Mood Booster


Perfect for those studying for exams, suffering with mood swings & those who’ve exercised physically or mentally, a thoughtful massage with our hand-picked oils will boost mood, increase memory, invigorate the nervous system and relieve stress.

The Detoxifier


Perfect for those who suffer with poor circulation, feeling puffy & sluggish from the effects of last night? This massage detoxes and drains away excess fluid, Aiding the lymphatic system and boosting your metabolism.

The Powerhouse


Too much exercising? Bad posture at work? Slept awkwardly? This Massage oil relieves sore, aching muscles and helps them to recover. Leaving you feeling better both physically and mentally.

The Immune-Boost


Helpful for those always feeling run down, experiencing effects of PMT or ‘Baby Blues’ which many women find so distressing at any stage of life. Our massage techniques in combination with our hand-picked oils can help give your body a feeling of harmony and ultimate zen.

The Crown


Clear Your Mind, for those wanting to relieve Neck, Head And Facial Tension. Reduces Arm and Hand Soreness, Increases Sense of Renewal. You will leave with your head in the clouds!

The Roots


Be Grounded. Relieves Tension in Legs and Feet. Improves Circulation, and swelling. Perfect for tired puffy feet, pregnancy and anyone wanting to feel like they are walking on air!

Price List

25mins – £38.00
40mins – £50.00
55mins – £65.00
85mins -£90.00

Hot Stone Massage

25 minutes £48.00
40 minutes £60.00
55 minutes £70.00

The ultimate indulgent massage. Hot Stone Massage is the method of combining hands + heated stones to massage the body, to improve circulation, soothe tense muscles, and generally relax and unwind the entire body. Bliss!