Please note first time clients require pre-consultations for all our facials below as we focus on achieving the best results! These treatments are for those who want results and understand the importance of the relationship between the skin therapist and the client, and for those who want long-term, sustainable results. Home prescriptions must be used during any treatment plan.

Facial Consultation

30mins – Free 

Please note all first time clients require a skin consultation prior to your facial to ensure a well-rounded skin care regimen.

*First time clients only

RO Signature Lift facial

30mins – £50

Your weekly face fix! This facial is the equivalent of taking your face to the gym. Starting with stretching + warm up techniques, we then perform a deep muscle massage, the method will whip, lift, sculpt and pull the muscles and skin so tight and fast, your face will feel seriously reawakened, contoured and lifted by an inch”

RO Signature Electrical Lift Facial

45min – £75

Say hello to your cheekbones! This facial is an electrical version of the signature lift, using the Pure Lift electrical devise which emits a powerful three-wave electric frequency to lift and contour all your muscles + facial features. Instant results!

The Party Face - Limited Edition Facial

55min – £95

Our newest facial is your perfect pre party facial.. combing Radio Frequency to tighten and lift, Micro current to stimulate muscles and lifting massage techniques to leave you glowing, sculpted and lines smoothed.

The Hangover Cure

45min – £75

Too many cocktails this weekend? We have got you! This facial concentrates on de-puffing, lymphatic drainage and a cooling, vitamin infused mask. Leaving your skin feeing super fresh and revived!

Honest Hideaway Facial

85mins – £90

A complete escape from reality. Float away as we perform a stimulating back exfoliation + neck, back and shoulder massage, followed by our specialised facial treatment, designed by us to balance, nourish and unwind the skin, body and mind, using generous doses of Honest natural skincare to calm the mind and stimulate the senses. The Ultimate Treat!

Anti Ageing Facials

Honest Forest Facial

55mins – £60

This wonderfully deep cleansing and repairing facial works to balance the skin and restore its natural healthy radiance. You will be enveloped in the beautiful aromas of Honest aromatherapy blends as they work their magic, alongside our series of perfected massage techniques with thoughtful pressure to reveal your skins natural glow.

Honest Skin Saver Facial

55mins – £73

This facial is designed to de-puff + tone facial features by using smoothing massage techniques and our cooling Jade stone to sculpt and define the face, stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Perfect for hangovers, and clients with poor circulations.