Environ’s New Focus Care Comfort+ Anti Pollution Spritz 50ml



Who Does This Spray Do?

  • Offers complete protection against the harmful effects of pollution.
  • The Spritz is lightweight and offers the skin an invisible breathable shield.
  • Rebalances Skin Microbiome.
  • Protection against blue light free radicals.
  • Strengthens the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants.
  • Supports healthy-looking resilient skin barrier.
Who can use

Who Can Use This?

Anti-pollution spritz may be used during the day when skin feels fragile and looks sensitive due to the harmful effects of free-radical damage (exposure to pollution, smoking, stress, temperature extremes etc.) It is especially suited for an urbanised environments to assist in preventing oxidative stress.


Main Ingredients

POLLUSTOP – Protect the skin against 3 types of pollution
ACTIBIOME – Rebalances the biodiversity of the skin’s microbiome
VITAMIN C and SPECIALISED PLANT EXTRACT – Counteract the effects of free radicals
NIACINAMIDE – A powerful antioxidant which repairs and protect the skin


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