A RÖ favourite for Acne and Congested Skins

Environ Low Foam Cleansing Gel


Massage over Environ’s Pre Cleansing Oil for a deeper skin clean.

Key Active Ingredients


  • Vitamin B5, Calms, soothes and nourishes the skin.

Hydrolyzed Oats

  • Deeply hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  Hydrolyzed Oats also reduce greasiness by acting as a co-emulsifier & helps to maintain the skins waterproofing barrier.

Decyl Glucoside and Coco Glucoside

  • Obtained from 100% vegetable origin (plant based fatty alcohols and glucose) which maintain the balance of the skin without drying the skin.  Proven mildness and generates the foaming agent of the product


  • Low foaming action protects skins natural moisture balance
  • Powerful humectant, hydrolyzed oats provides deep hydration
  • clean and fresh feeling to the skin

How to use at home

Use: Morning and Evening

  1. Apply and massage into the the entire face and neck, (ideally after pre-cleansing)
  2. Remove with tepid water

Who Can Use This?

All skin types, especially oily, congested and acne skins or anyone who prefers the feel of a facial gel.

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