Our Story

“It’s not just about achieving the best results – it’s about the experience that makes peoples lives better… in a calm, nature inspired environment”

The RÖ Story

The story of RÖ began in 2009, in what was just at the end of the recession, we heard a lot of “you won’t do well, the beauty industry is too much of a luxury, friends in business never last” If we had listened to everyone then RÖ wouldn’t exist today.

The idea that you can’t do something propelled us forward.

As best friends we have very different personalities but our common bond has always been our hard work ethic, our passion and drive, and most of all our genuine care for each and every client no matter what.

Although we loved our profession we always felt that the beauty industry lacked heart and good service in environments that always felt so clinical, un-relaxing, and to be honest quite old-fashioned. We became frustrated and felt it was our time to make all these changes and that’s when RÖ was born… our mission was to provide the most cutting-edge and effective treatments in a beautiful, inspiring environment where our clients can relax and escape and really let go of their lives daily struggles whilst achieving incredible results at the same time.

What We Do

We have grown! We now have two spaces- one in Peterborough, and one in Stamford and we would love to continue to grow.

We have a fantastic team at RÖ, all of our staff are extremely passionate about skincare and health and understand what we do and why we exist.

We have real relationships with our clients, we welcome everyone and we always go above and beyond.

We specialise in skin-it’s our life!

We thrive on challenging skin conditions. The satisfaction of knowing you have given somebody their confidence back is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.

We believe in preserving and not stripping the skins natural barrier. So many skin problems we see are down to early exposure to the sun, pollutions and our fast-paced, stressful lifestyles which lead to many sensitivities and an accelerated ageing process. To treat these problems we work closely with our clients to not only advise on the best skincare and treatments but also to explain the importance of good nutrition alongside a balanced lifestyle so they can achieve beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime.
We also offer traditional beauty services, such as Massage, waxing, and lash treatments.

Virtual Consultations Now Available