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Welcome to RÖ SKIN

A rare and captivating conversation transpires when you speak with someone who has found their true calling. More extraordinary still, that you meet two people who began pursuing those dreams when they were just 14 and 16 years old.

This is the story about how a business founded by two best friends became one of the UK’s top award-winning authorities in skin health.

When Clare and Claire met, whilst working together in their very first qualified beauty therapy roles, they shared an undeniable work ethic. An incendiary bond was ignited by their drive to create results for their clients and desire to build something centred outside of the expected salon experience. That fire allowed them to defy the odds – RÖ SKIN (then known as Zula) launched with immediate success during 2009’s economic downturn.

Our Story

I wish I could have a facial every day for the rest of my life! Incredible at their job and the loveliest girls, I can’t wait for my next treatment.

They say that world-class innovators solve a problem before the problem is known. At a time when focusing on the skin’s overall health wasn’t widely practiced, RÖ took a novel approach – create an alliance with the skin instead of battling against it.

Over a decade later, RÖ Skin has grown to what it is today – a multi-location destination for skin health transformation.

Led by ceaseless education, Clare and Claire carefully designed each of RÖ’s now renowned treatments around the skin’s own biological processes. Shunning unproven fads and maximizing results by centring each facial on extreme customization has earned them a following of loyal skin health enthusiasts.

There’s nothing generic about your skin, so you can bet there’s nothing generic about a treatment at RÖ

– Clare De Groot

Another world-class innovator concept touted by RÖ? They focused on long-term wins for their client’s skin through constant incremental improvements. Already ahead by implementing what clinical trials have now proven – that a consistent, integrative approach to skin treatment yields maximum results.

If you asked anyone who’s in the know about RÖ, they’d tell you their relationship with their skin therapist is the secret behind their glowing skin. That’s no surprise since the leaders of any industry always know that they’re only as good as the talent they hire.

I’ve been to many Spa’s, Health, and Beauty Salons but I can honestly say I have never felt so welcome and comfortable as I was made to feel at RO Skin, this was my second visit and thanks to the exceptional service I’ve already booked my next appointment.

RÖ’s expert skin therapists work within a culture of continued education – knowledge of skin anatomy and pathology are paramount. Each therapist is trained rigorously on the signature elements RÖ is known for. Both experience and clinical results are never sacrificed. You’ll leave with more than released tension and brighter skin – you’ll feel like an expert yourself.

We’ve made it our mission to provide a space for you to learn too

– Claire Mason

An institute for those seeking relaxation and results in Peterborough and Stamford – North-East England’s Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire districts – you’ll yearn to be best friends with the founders of RÖ SKIN and their knowledgeable team.

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Meet the innovators behind RÖ SKIN…

Claire Mason’s Path to Skin Health Innovator

My affinity for skin started at a young age – my mum’s bathroom cabinets were filled with potions and lotions that I couldn’t keep away from. Already enthralled with their magical contents, I would mix them into new “formulations”. As I got a little older I began creating facial treatments with£1 face masks from my local market. To think now, we are the biggest stockists of Environ Skincare in the UK creates a surreal path to look back upon.

To the surprise of no one, my first job was working in a beauty salon at 14 years old. Raised within an entrepreneurial household, you could say I was born to do things my own way – I was already thinking about how the beauty industry could improve – giving my ideas to the salon owner and continuously learning by taking on every task I could.

Inspired by those beauty therapists who I’d hoped to emulate, I veraciously sought the highest qualifications. I met my match in Clare, and together we projected our future. Identifying patterns in the way different skin types achieve results – including my own skin – we began making the discoveries that would guide our skin health philosophies and galvanize RÖ’s success.

Over 10 years on from the launch of our first location, our research has never ended. We’re thrilled to accept the honour of achieving the IIAA Salon of Excellence award this past year.

Clare De Groot’s Journey to Skin Health Innovator

I always knew that beauty was in my future. As a child I was enamoured by the skincare routine my mum would perform every evening. Wasting no time, at just 16 I began my qualifications. Never any doubt that skin was my calling – by 17 I was one of the youngest trainees to complete Decleor’s esteemed training academy – when the brand was a forerunner in skin therapies around the world.

They say not to go into business with your friends, but when Claire and I met we both knew that together our talents were amplified. Our mission was to make every client say, “that was the best facial I’ve ever had!” I’m proud to say we’ve made that dream a reality.

Having seen first hand how the beauty industry doesn’t always value their staff or provide them with the knowledge they need to help their clients achieve their desired results – like everything else we wanted to do things differently. As we began to grow we created our training program that combined our clinical, results-driven approach with our stress-reducing treatment trademarks. Devotees to education would be an understatement – it’s a way of life at RÖ.

RÖ SKIN has been my decade long love affair – the satisfaction of our clients’ incredible skin health results continuing to fuel the fire.

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