Top Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Goodbye Christmas, hello New Year!! January – it’s everyone’s least favourite month! Not only are we not allowed guilt free wine and chocolate every day like we were a week ago, the Dark, cold, damp winter days are playing havoc with our skin too! No wonder we’re all miserable! Redness, sensitivity, dryness and tightening of…
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Why Are Massages So Important?

Why does the weekend go too quickly, so many plans to relax, see friends, family do your food shop then before you know it.. Sunday night is here and your mind is back on work again. I know we all have busy schedules but at If you’ve got some spare time this week, I’ve got…
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The Beautiful You

To all the readers – my name is Michaela and I am soulfully passionate about enhancing a woman’s confidence through the powerful touches and textures of makeup. Forget trends – be the beautiful you. Having worked in and around the skincare and makeup industry all of my working career, I have come across so many…
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Why we should all be double cleansing

Oil? Really? Who wants to put more oil on oily skin? Me, Shanice… that’s who! I’ve literally got the most oily, congested skin and have done for as long as I can remember, it’s so annoying and all you oily skins out there, can you feel me?! I honestly wouldn’t have dreamt of putting oil…
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